Tired of Recipes? 7 Other Subjects to Post Instead

by diannejacob on April 24, 2012

Recipe posts are a ton of work. You’ve got to develop and test a recipe, photograph it, write it, upload and edit photos, then write the post. It takes up to 6 hours to complete a post, food bloggers tell me.

Why not take a break from all the cooking and testing? The occasional non-recipe post won’t hurt, and doing so will let you expand the subjects you cover in a new way.

Typically, narrative posts mean advice and recommendations. Here’s how some food bloggers do it:

1. Start a series. Choosing Raw, for example, has an inspirational Green Recovery Series about people who moved to a raw diet. Aida Mollenkamp has several regular columns, including this one called the Monthly Mood Board.

2. Write about an experience. Gluten-Free Girl & the Chef wrote about what kind of gluten-free food she could safely eat in airports and on flights. No recipe needed, and she connected with readers who often face the same problem.

3. Give away a cookbook. Support a friend who’s recently published a cookbook, purchase a cookbook and give it away, or say yes to an email query and have a publisher send you a cookbook. Here’s a giveaway post with gorgeous photography by Averie Cooks.

4. Write about kitchen products you adore. Kitchen Corners wrote this post about products she thought would tickle her readers. Here’s another example, a post just called Recent Acquisitions from Lottie + Doof.

5. Write a round-up with a theme and link to past recipes. It’s a sneaky and perfectly legitimate way to take a break. Pinch My Salt offers photos that link to past posts inspired by Valentine’s Day, then caps them off with links to other blogger recipes.

6. Conduct an interview. Cakespy found a blog that teaches how to make cookies that look like flowers, so she interviewed the blogger about her technique.

7. Give advice. Canal House writes about how to plan for a picnic. Recipe Girl gives readers a money-saving tip on sponges.

What about you? Have you found more ways to write food-related posts with no recipes? I’d love to know.

(Photo courtesy of David Castillo Dominici, Freedigitalphotos.net)


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