Are You Making These 3 Mistakes on Your About Page?

It happens all the time and it drives me crazy. I discover a new food blog. I go to the About page to find out more about the writer. There is no photo and no identification. Here’s all it says:

  • Welcome to my blog. It’s really original.
  • This is a yummy chronicle of my exploits and experiments.
  • I created this blog because I love kittens, butterflies and strawberry yogurt.

Argh! A blank page would be an improvement over this generic stuff. I go back to the Home page to look for more clues but find none. I’m losing interest…

If your About page is anonymous or generic, you are losing readers. Right now a piece is missing. That piece is you. I won’t become a regular reader until I know you.

It’s easy to come out of the closet. Just fix these three things on your About page:

1. You’re anonymous.

Please. I want to know your full name. Don’t just tell me your first name. Tell me [Read more…]