Who Thinks You're a Good Writer?

How I became obsessed with food from a young age. Need I say my mother was an enthusiastic home baker? My uncle Joe (right) always pressured me to read the classics.

What makes a person a good writer? Two people emailed me this week, wanting confirmation their writing was good enough.

The first was a food blogger, who wrote after reading my Beard awards post. She wondered if her blog was “up to standard” or if she was “even remotely qualified” to enter the Beard award for best blog. In her preface, she said she believed she was a good writer and storyteller and had confidence in her talents.

The second, a student in Italy studying for her masters in gastronomy, said she had read Will Write for Food, then attached two writing samples and asked for comments. She wondered if she was good enough to pursue a career as a freelance writer.

I ¬†thought about two replies. Neither had anything to do with their work. On one hand, I thought I should encourage these two writers and say yes, because that is what people sometimes need to hear to move forward. I put that in the “Earth Mother” category of response. On the other hand, I contemplated a different [Read more…]