Do We Need Social Media While on Vacation?

Here I am, baking with cookbook author Greg Patent in Montana. Notice his cookie-making technique: Instead of scooping tablespoons of dough for each cookie, he made a rectangle, cut it into 24 squares, and then we rolled each piece into a ball. Brilliant. (Photo by Owen Rubin.)

I need your advice.

On a recent vacation, my host and I tweeted to each other, while in the same house. Is this a new low, or is this just what it’s like to be on social media these days?

Let me back up and explain. My husband and I stayed with cookbook author Greg Patent and his wife, author and nature writer Dorothy Hinshaw Patent, for a few days in Montana.

Lying in bed in their guest room early one morning, reading email on my laptop, I saw Greg’s tweet:

“Made cheese sambouseks with @diannej yesterday. Iraqi empanadas. We share a common background, and she’s here in my Missoula kitchen!”

(Let me back up a little further: Greg and I met 12 years ago at The Symposium for Professional Food Writers at the Greenbrier, where we discovered our similar background. He grew up in Shanghai, the son of an Iraqi Jew; and both my parents were Iraqi Jews from Shanghai.You don’t run into that [Read more…]