Adding Twitter Followers by the Thousands

Andie Mitchell, 26, grew Foodista's followers from 10,000 in May to more than 140,000 today.

Start-up companies always look for smart young people to join them and set the world on fire. Andie Mitchell, 26, is one of those people.

A former film production assistant in Boston, she started writing a food blog called Can You Stay for Dinner? earlier this year. The blog helped her get an internship at Foodista in Seattle because of its impressive comments and Andie’s social media skills.

Foodista promoted Mitchell to become the editor who handles all the company’s social media campaigns. She also manages a staff of four contributing editors who produce blog posts on food news, recipes and cooking, healthy nutrition, holidays and events. Many of Foodista’s tweets feature these blog posts.

Since she started in May 2010, Foodista’s Twitter followers have expanded from 10,000 to more than 143,000. How did she do it? Read on.

Q. What is the secret to writing a good tweet?

A. Tweets are most often retweeted when you evoke an emotion. A study I read recently confirmed a direct link between a tweet that incites emotion and adds value. Give your audience something [Read more…]

Cookbook Giveaway: Foodista Best of Food Blogs Cookbook

Want to discover new food blogs for recipes and stories? Here’s a cookbook that shows you the passion and diversity of food bloggers who love to cook, from Vegan Visitor’s Cedar-Smoked Asparagus Soup in Toronto to The Suitcase Chef’s Orangette Tea Sandwiches in Vermont.

The folks at Foodista held a contest for the best blogger recipes and received 1500 entries in just three months. They counted votes from the Foodista community and announced the winners, compiling the top 100 into this large paperback, the Foodista Best of the Food Blogs Cookbook.

You’ll find a number of unusual recipes, such as Lovage Spritzers, Vegetarian Scotch Eggs, and Chef Wally’s Baked Papayas. While most entries are American, enthusiastic blogger recipes also come from Canada, England, Turkey and Germany. Each recipe includes a bio of the blogger and a link. Some headnotes tell you about the dish. Others tell stories about [Read more…]