Jun 012010

One of the benefits of being a member of the International Association of Culinary Professionals is the insider information I get in the monthly teleforum for the Editors, Publishers and Writers section.

Recently a first-time cookbook author provided ¬†real numbers about her experience. That’s rare.

While I can’t direct you to the presentation, I can give you a few nuggets that lift the veil on what happens in a food writer’s first book deal and in subsequent marketing of that book.

First, let’s look at the costs to produce the cookbook. The publisher paid the author a $15,000 advance. From that she:

  • paid a photographer $7,000
  • spent $7,000 on food ingredients
  • spent $1,000 on props and incidentals.

What was left for her? Do the math. Nada.

Her book came out in Fall 2009. The lone publicist at her publishing company handled the Continue reading »

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