“Blogger Blackmail” Surfaces as a Trend

What is “blogger blackmail?” One blogger demanded about $150 worth of macarons, marshmallows, and other goodies in exchange for a blog post.

How ironic. Last week I wrote a post defending hobby bloggers. This week the subject is “blogger blackmail!”

By now you may have heard about the Twitter thread called #bloggerblackmail. It chronicles, among other things, when food bloggers demand payment in kind for blog posts, including free meals at nice restaurants.

One story that came to a head began when a hobby blogger who writes London restaurant write-ups emailed a bakery and suggested she be “invited to review” their products in exchange for a blog post.

Here’s how things went downhill for the food blogger:

When she got to the bakery, workers offered her tea and [Read more…]

5 Reasons Not to Bash Food Bloggers

5-Reasons-Not-to Bash-Food-BloggersLast week the New Yorker featured a snarky piece on food bloggers, called So You want to Write a Food Blog. Yes, it’s cute and clever, but wrong.

My main gripe is that the writer — Julia Edelman, a comedy writer and filmmaker, according to LinkedIn –has reduced all food bloggers to goofy incompetents. That’s not right, or fair.

The piece made me want to defend food bloggers, so here are my points:

1. Most food bloggers are hobbyists. Edelman doesn’t seem to [Read more…]

15 Must-Read Links for Food Writers and Bloggers

15 Must-Read Links for Food Bloggers and Writers
Me and interviewer Irvin Lin of EattheLove blog at Omnivore Books on Food in San Francisco, for the new release of Will Write for Food. (Photo by Owen Rubin)

Looking for good reads online? Want to drive more traffic to your blog, keep up with social media trends, cookbook trends, and food writing trends? Yeah, me too.

But who has time to find quality stuff? Fortunately, I do, and wonderful people [Read more…]

Cookbook Publicist Dishes on What Works and What to Expect

ron headshot
Publicist Ron Longe works under contract with publishers and  individuals.

Want to know more about cookbook launches and how to work with your publisher?

Chef Craig Priebe and I are working with our publicist Ron Longe on promotion for The United States of Pizza (due out Sept. 22, 2015), so I took the opportunity to interview him on your behalf. Even if you are already a published author, you’ll be interested in Ron’s insider perspective.

Ron is the founder and president of Ron Longe Public Relations, a boutique PR agency. With more than 25 years of experience (I know, he looks so young! ), he has worked in the publicity departments of many New York [Read more…]

How to Successfully Cold Call for Food Writing Jobs

Cold-callingAs you saw in my post about the new edition of Will Write for Food, my new chapter focuses on how to make money as a food writer, which interests an increasing number of food bloggers. Food blogger Jaden Hair of Steamy Kitchen, a world-class negotiator , contributed tips.

She and her husband Scott launched a new mastermind program for food bloggers recently, helping those who want to grow their blogs into a business. They have the chops: Jaden’s food blog, Steamy Kitchen, has been profitable for over [Read more…]

Of Dresses and Events Coming Up

The 2010 signing of Will Write for Food, 2nd edition, at Omnivore Books in San Francisco. I still have that dress! Now I have to remember not to wear it. (Photo by Heather Luhan)

The third edition of Will Write for Food came out last week, and I’ve been busy with promotion. I love in-person events best because I get to see people in real life versus virtual, and wear dresses. Sometimes friends show up for support, which makes these events even more fun, kind of like parties.

So far my summer book promotion — that all-important six-week window — is going [Read more…]

How a Weekly Get-Together Grew Into a Powerful Support Group

The Kitchn’s Emma Christensen finds it worthwhile to get out of her house for this group. (Photo by Danielle Tsi)

A guest post by Emma Christensen

I love working from home. My own schedule. My own space. Peace. Quiet. No one randomly stopping by my cubicle and interrupting my flow.

But even for a consummate introvert, the work-from-home gig can get lonely. This is why, shortly after moving to Northern California in 2011 and taking the plunge into full-time food writing, I found a few like-minded work-from-homers and forced myself to leave the house once a week.

How It Happened

It was like this: I met Cheryl Sternman Rule of 5 Second Rule in 2011, who introduced me to another South Bay-er, Danielle Tsi of Beyond The Plate. Then I met Sheri Codiana of Pork Cracklings at a press event and it turned out she lived a few blocks away. This felt like a [Read more…]