Jun 302015


The suspense has been killing me. It’s finally time to to tell you about the cookbook chef Craig Priebe and I co-wrote, The United States of Pizza. It comes out September 22, 2015, and today it’s Number 1 on Amazon’s Hot New Releases in Baking list.

Chef Craig and I had so much fun writing Grilled Pizzas & Piadinas that we wanted to Continue reading »

Jun 232015


A guest post by Cheryl Sternman Rule

In our social media ocean, most of us swim, flail, float, glide, and sputter, sometimes all in a single day. We do our best not to drown as we navigate crowded platforms, with varying degrees of success, enthusiasm, and begrudging obligation.

We also play favorites.

I, for one, love Instagram. Instagram has grown my network in ways I both couldn’t have imagined and didn’t know I needed.

Yes, I use other platforms, too, but my heart belongs to Continue reading »

Jun 162015

At last! I started working on this edition last year and I couldn’t tell you about it until now. The third edition of Will Write for Food, completely updated and with a new chapter on making money, goes on sale July 14, 2015. Today I’m giving away Continue reading »

Jun 102015

Food writing students at my class at the Dubai International Writers’ Center.

I’m just back from two weeks away, teaching in Dubai and vacationing in Egypt. I have so much to say about this trip and the foods I ate but I will try to condense it into a few paragraphs:

1. Dubai

This city is a non-stop party for food writers and bloggers. There are dozens of publications to write for, and bloggers get invited to such events as Continue reading »

May 262015

Lucky PeachLooking for a paid outlet for your food writing?

Recently Lucky Peach launched a new website featuring “daily essays, recipes, restaurant recommendations, comics, and other miscellany,” says editor Chris Ying.

That means they need lots of content, which is the best news ever for freelance food writers. Here are some guidelines for submission:

1. Write for a monthly theme, tied to the Continue reading »

May 192015
Literary Agent Sally Ekus represents cookbooks and food-based books.

Literary Agent Sally Ekus represents cookbooks and food-based books.

A guest post by Sally Ekus

Every time I talk with a new author or perspective client they ask the same question: “What can I expect for an advance?” I tell them $250,000. No wait, that was a dream I had last night. In reality, though, I can’t answer.

Spoiler alert: the answer to most everything in publishing is “It depends.” In the case of cookbooks, the answer depends on platform, proposal, and concept. And no agent will tell you an amount in advance. Let’s be real, if you were applying for a job and you were told your salary could be Continue reading »

May 122015

The recently-opened Dubai International Writers’ Center, which hosts talks, coaching and workshops.

I’m thrilled to return to Dubai, that hot, impossibly complicated and dizzying place of high rises, including the world’s tallest building. It was more than 100 degrees on my first trip in September 2013, and it will be about 100 degrees later this month. Sense a pattern? I’m packing light.

Last time I was a guest instructor for Bethany Kehdy, who runs Continue reading »