Jul 152014

Summer pies from my local farmer’s market in Oakland, CA.

Want to keep up with best practices for writing a food blog or cookbook,  freelancing, or working with companies? Need a link to something fun once in a while? Of course you do.

That’s why you need these links, taken from my quarterly newsletter filled with resources for food writers and bloggers. If you haven’t signed up yet, what are you waiting for? Here’s what you missed in my last one, sent at the end of June:

  1. Do you have a media kit so companies can contact you? If not, you might consider making one. Big companies expect it.
  2. I’m working with a cookbook editor right now, and these tips are good reminders. Top 10 Ways to Make Your Editor Love You.
  3. Do you aspire to give a TED talk? Even if youdon’t, these tips are excellent for any talk. Read 7 Steps to Delivering a Mind-Blowing TED Talk.
  4. If you’re not posting regularly, read 25 Ideas for Daily Blog Posts, and this followup with 25 more ideas.
  5. Did you miss The Roger Smith Conference on Food? Here are videos and audio recordings of many of the sessions.
  6. If you want your new book to be reviewed by bloggers, see this post about pitching them.
  7. Want to be a cookbook editor? Here’s what the job looks like.
  8. If you haven’t done so, see who won the Saveur Best Food Blog Awards, and learn by visiting these blogs. Speaking of awards, Christina Soong won for the Best Australian Blog 2014, the Overall Winner for The Hungry Australian. Here are her tips for writing a great post.
  9. I adore Laurie Colwin’s writing. Here’s a posthumous profile of her, with famous recipes.
  10. Should you always take a book deal when a publisher calls? No, according to this blogger.
  11. What kind of recipes do people prefer? Someone actually tried to plot it out.
  12. How many titles should you come up with for your next book? If you’re Julia Child, the answer is: lots.
  13. Irvin Lin’s clever post lampooning food bloggers: How to Boil Water.
  14. As we enter tomato season, you must know how to cut them! See this video: You’ve Been Cutting Tomatoes Wrong Your Entire Life.
  15. Amazon has categorized new American cookbooks by region with a fun interactive map.

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  24 Responses to “18 Must-Read Links for Food Writers and Bloggers”

  1. Great link to ideas for blog posts from Michelle Rafter. I have already printed the article out and I plan to use some of these ideas. As a new blogger, I am always looking for inspiration to get me thinking about what I can do next. Blogging is an on going learning process for me. The Hungry Australian’s tips are very helpful too. Thanks!

  2. Very useful…I’m always looking for ways to learn more, and this helps greatly! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I like your 10 Ways to Make Your Editor Love You. I’ll have to keep these in mind as I’m dealing with mine.

    • Me too. I’m going with the way I wanted to be treated as an editor. Make the deadline, accept criticism, no drama.

  4. Laurie Colwin is one of the best food writers EVER.
    I still consult her books when I have writer’s block.

  5. Thanks for the mention, Dianne. Much appreciated. I’m looking forward to checking out all of these links.

    • Congrats on your award, Christina! It’s nice to bust out of food blogs and win an overall prize. Very validating, I imagine.

  6. Fantastic list of links Dianne! All timely and relevant. You’re the best. Thanks. Btw, I especially loved Irvin Lin’s April 1st food blogger spoof-How to Boil Water! What a hoot.

  7. As a novice food blogger (I only started my blog a couple of weeks ago), I’m looking forward to reading my way through your links.

  8. Thanks for a great list of links Dianne. Love the article on Laurie Colwin – she was amazing. And “How to Boil Water” – so funny!

  9. On the cherry tomato-cutting video: Mind Blown!!

    Thanks Diane for finding and sharing so many cool links! I’m going to work my way down the list next weekend.



  10. Thanks for mentioning my tips on working with editors. I’m glad to see they can be useful to writers in a variety of fields.

  11. Thanks Dianne. You are an incredibly generous, informative person. I have learned SO much from your blog. Loved the article on Laurie Colwin and Neil Gaiman’s talk.


  12. This is an amazing list! Thanks so much for putting so many must-reads into one place. Now I know how I’m spending my Saturday night! :)

  13. Oooohhh very very informative article!!!! ^_^

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