4 Great Links for Food and Travel Writers

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Three stories come from the New York Times, which seems to be suddenly catering to people like us as readers:

1. You will be fascinated by this piece on travel blogging. These guys are way ahead of food bloggers on figuring how how to get sponsors, and it’s not all pretty.

2. This piece on culinary travel guides made me wonder if you have considered this side career as a fun adjunct to your food-obsessed life. Just about everyone who leads these tours is a cookbook author, food writer, or food blogger.

3. A piece on the success of the Jerusalem cookbook reveals how many copies were printed, including some fascinating stats on how many cookbooks are published each year and how many copies they are likely to sell.

4. From Culinate, I read this post on how hospitals and universities are teaching healthy eating. They probably need some cooking teachers at all these new facilities, don’t you think?

Hope to see you soon with a fresh new look.

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    • diannejacob says

      They are good links, eh? I don’t have a regular way to put them up here, so I put them on my Facebook Fan page, Will Write for Food. I think you already get that.

  1. says

    That last link, from Culinate, is interesting and very true. When I was in medical school, from 1997-2001 (not terribly long ago), my nutrition education was limited to a one hour lecture during our biochemistry course.

    As a practicing oncologist, the number one question that I’m asked as I counsel patients who are newly diagnosed and starting on chemotherapy is, “What should I be eating?”

    All of the counsel that I provide these patients is purely based on my own interest in nutrition, food, and cooking. And none of this I learned in medical school — or even medical residency or my fellowship in hematology and oncology.

    • diannejacob says

      As a doctor, I can see how that would interest you, Merry Jennifer. it’s about time, don’t you think?

  2. says

    Very useful links. I especially was interested in the NY Times article about culinary travel. I think it would be wonderful to tour different areas and be immersed in the food scene. :-)

  3. says

    Thank you for the links, Dianne. I have been trying to figure out how to organize a culinary trip to my own region, inviting a handful of food and travel bloggers, writers, journalists but getting funding in France is like pulling teeth (although I do know some organizations that have done this). I know bloggers that organize travel like this and I am always stunned at the positive response of some tourist boards, airlines and hotels. I would love to jump on board because I would love to write more travel stories. I think I have always just been rather nervous to approach organisms for financing. Thanks to these links, I think I just found the courage.

    • diannejacob says

      Oh good Jamie. If travel bloggers can approach these organizations, why can’t you? Let me know if anything works out.

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