Jun 182013

Menu board at Farm Burger in Decateur, GA from a recent trip to Atlanta. Amazingly good burgers. I also tasted my first boiled peanuts — salty and addictive.

It’s almost time for my next email newsletter for food writers, filled with useful links for writers, bloggers, recipe developers, cookbook authors and social media mavens. You fit into one of those categories, right? I thought so.

So you might want to sign up for the Will Write for Food newsletter, if you haven’t already. You’ll get only four emails per year, I promise. Here are 10 terrific links from my earlier newsletter, to whet your appetite for what’s to come:

1. Did you miss the Roger Smith Cookbook Conference in New York earlier this year? Here are videos to watch of selected panels.

2. The FTC Clarifies its Rules for Bloggers: New recommendations on how to disclose on blogs and social media.

3. How to Create Headlines That Go Viral With Social Media: A long meditation on what works and why.

4. Want to hold a Twitter chat? Here’s “Your Ultimate Guide” (This site likes superlatives, but the post is worth a read anyway.)

5. Got a new book to promote? Congratulations! Here’s a post about What Works and What Does Not on selling new books in 2013. If you have thought about promoting on Goodreads, here’s how to do it: 2 Ways to Make the Most of Goodreads.

6. The Definitive Guide to Recipes and Copyright. Ancestral Chef’s excellent discussion, except where she repeats the old canard about changing 3 or more ingredients. I don’t agree.

7. An infographic on How to Get More Tweets — There’s actually a science behind it, says Mediabistro.

8. The Times of London’s 50 Top Websites for Food and Drink, as of 1/2013.

9. food bloggers: 150+ links to everything you need to know. A huge, valuable list by ultra-successful blogger Lori Lange of Recipe Girl.

10. How Much Should E-Books Cost? Here are recommendations and rationales on pricing.

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  43 Responses to “10 Useful Links for Food Writers and Bloggers”

  1. This is a wealth of information you shared Dianne. Thank you. Thank you.

  2. Thank you for your very comprehensive list!

    • Stephanie, my pleasure. People send me links and I find things and cull through them. About to write my next newsletter and I have about 50 links to go through!

  3. Wow! Thank you very much… a whole lot of useful links. Will be honest – I am bookmarking this for weekend reading:)

    • You’re welcome. Yes, it takes a little time. Completely understandable.

      • Thanks Dianne for a great intro to many relevant ‘ways’ that’s useful to bloggers and food bloggers. Did go through it at leisure. Am trying to comprehend a few, incorporate a few and learning about the rest. Enjoy your weekend:)

  4. Very useful links. Sharing your post with my facebook groups. :)

  5. What a treasure trove of links and helpful information. Thanks for generously putting this together, Dianne. I’m bookmarking this and sharing it too. All the best to you.

  6. thanks for sharing this list Dianne, so much useful information!

  7. Thank you so much for compiling this Dianne! Looks like I have some reading ahead of me today :)

  8. Lots of reading and re-reading on my docket this week. Such a rich collection, Dianne – many thanks.

  9. Thank you so much for this invaluable information! I’m a fairly new blogger and usually have so many questions! You’ve answered many of them right here! I’m bookmarking this to keep as a reference!

    • Very good. Lots more to come in my next newsletter, Caroline. And I hope you keep reading — I write lots of blog posts for new bloggers.

  10. Oh how I would love to join you in the web chat but sadly it is 2am my time on the other side of the pond. Will try to read it afterwards if possible. Thanks yet again for your fabulously useful links and info. I always feel uplifted when I read your advice as I love writing but am rather lacking in the social media department. Looking forward to your next newsletter.

    • Oh boy, sorry about that. The video will be posted on the Bakespace website afterwards, I believe, so you can always watch it there.

      There’s always something new to learn about social media. I’m sure I’ll have more links in my next newsletter. Thanks Madeleine.

  11. Hi Dianne,
    Great info. I’ve been following you for some time as I’m just starting out with a food blog; this is very timely and thanks for providing the links. I do have a question that I hope you can answer. I’m interested in adding a page to my blog that lists books I’ve read or am reading and would like to use the book covers as photos. Are there copyright or other legal rules that bloggers must follow in order to post a book cover? I searched online and couldn’t find anything.

  12. Dianne, thank you so much!
    My job got very busy and I could not add comments on the previous posts, but I read what you write and learn a lot in this process! Thank you again!

    • That’s okay! I am grateful whenever anyone leaves a comment, and I certainly don’t expect one from you every time. You are most welcome.

  13. What wonderful links you have provided. I am familiar with the FTC rules as we have been discussing it in my mastermind group. I will most definitely be checking out some of the other ones I am not as up to date on. :-)

    • Yes, I wrote a post about it also that has been very popular. The rules are more like suggestions and open to interpretation, so it’s kind of complicated.

  14. Thank you so much Dianne for taking the time to compile so much useful information. I already learned a lot!

  15. As a new food blogger, these are invaluable hints and links! Thanks Dianne.

    I’ve also signed up for your newsletter!

  16. Enjoyed your comments on the Kitchen Party and signed up for your newsletter. I have been a blogger for over 2 years and love it. I am super active on FB, Google+, Pinterest but still haven’t figured out Twitter as much. Any words of wisdom?

  17. Diane,
    Thanks for this. I love your newsletter. I devoured your book and I need to read through it again!
    Thanks for helping so many of us out.

    • Thank you Melissa! So nice of you to say so. It is my pleasure to pass on links I think are worthwhile.

  18. Thanks for including my link list, Dianne!

  19. Great list ~ Thank you for sharing!

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  21. Done and done (signed up). So much to learn. Heading to Europe anytime soon?

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