Kickin' It at Club Med Food Blogger Camp

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I’m  adjusting to this new format of food writing and blogging conference, where hanging out is a big part of the day. Today I’ve walked along the beach in the surf, done yogalates with David Lebovitz and Matt Amendariz, gave Nancy Hachisu a quick Twitter lesson, had lunch with Michael and Donna Ruhlman, and now I’m sitting in the bar, waiting for the presentation at 3 p.m.,when Jaden Hair and David Lebovitz discuss book proposals, with a handout from me.

You’ll just have to join us next year. Really. You can relax and network simultaneously. And the presentations have been excellent. See this post from Diane Cu of White on Rice for a report on food writing, food styling and photography.

In Michael Ruhlman’s  talk abut the writing process, Stephanie Stiavetti asked about burnout. Michael said to just turn off the social media and do the work (Wait! Not yet!).

“Be ruthless. Make 2-3 hours of dedicated, focused writing time with no one intruding,” he advised.”Turn off email and Facebook. Don’t you dare click that get mail button.” That got laughs of self-recognition from the crowd, many of whom are Twittering (see #fbcamp).

It made even more sense when he asked if you would you invite a crowd into your office when you had work to do. No. Now, back to your writing, which I hope was already in progress. Thanks for dropping in.

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  1. says

    Michael Ruhlman’s advice regarding Twitter is what I need to hear, over and over again! Those dedicated 2-3 hours are nearly impossible when my fingers itch to refresh my twitter stream.

    The food blogger camp sounds great – wish I were there but I really appreciate your sharing highlights. Perhaps the organizers might consider podcasts or video of select portions for the more unfortunate of us who are freezing well north of the Mayan Riviera!

  2. says

    I so wish I could’ve attended this conference, so thanks for transmitting this kind of great advice! How I know that there are days that the computer should only be used for writing and not chatting! I know how much more I would get done being this rigorous. It is one of my New Year’s Resolutions!

    • diannejacob says

      Nani, you are most welcome.

      Stephanie, yeah — relaxing at a conference is such a weird concept, eh?

      Jamie, I struggle with it as well. Social media is a premier form of procrastination.