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Want to discover new food blogs for recipes and stories? Here’s a cookbook that shows you the passion and diversity of food bloggers who love to cook, from Vegan Visitor’s Cedar-Smoked Asparagus Soup in Toronto to The Suitcase Chef’s Orangette Tea Sandwiches in Vermont.

The folks at Foodista held a contest for the best blogger recipes and received 1500 entries in just three months. They counted votes from the Foodista community and announced the winners, compiling the top 100 into this large paperback, the Foodista Best of the Food Blogs Cookbook.

You’ll find a number of unusual recipes, such as Lovage Spritzers, Vegetarian Scotch Eggs, and Chef Wally’s Baked Papayas. While most entries are American, enthusiastic blogger recipes also come from Canada, England, Turkey and Germany. Each recipe includes a bio of the blogger and a link. Some headnotes tell you about the dish. Others tell stories about high school, culinary travels, and dishes inspired by restaurant meals and even Starbucks drinks.

Publisher Andrews-McMeel hired me to edit the recipes, a trying job (sorry) which resulted in two controversial posts: 7 Most Common Recipe Writing Errors, and  7 More Most Common Recipe Writing Errors. While the Foodista folks did not test every recipe, they definitely worked on those with unclear directions to smooth out the kinks.

Yes, you could print them all out, unedited, on the web, but that would be a pain. Why not apply to win this cookbook instead? Please enter by midnight PST on October 31, 2010. I’ll pick a winner at random. In appreciation of the cookbook’s international tone, this giveaway is open to everyone.

Update: The winner, chosen by Random.org, is Elyse Friedman.

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  76 Responses to “Cookbook Giveaway: Foodista Best of Food Blogs Cookbook”

  1. This book sounds amazing – please count me into the proverbial hat (if this is all I need to do… sorry if I have misunderstood!)


  2. Can’t imagine anyone wouldn’t love a cookbook from bloggers – especially one edited by “The Queen of Recipe Clarity.”
    Can’t wait to go check it out at the local bookstore. Local meaning NOT one of the chains!

  3. Oo count me in! This book sounds like fun.

  4. This sounds like a terrific book! Count me in for the contest. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Takes a lot of work to put something like this together… Thank you. Sounds like a welcome addition to my bookcase!

  6. Awesome giveaway! I am sure it was a job indeed with so many different contributors! I’d love a chance to have this book and try some great recipes. Thanks for making it international :)

  7. would love to win it and try the recipes here in Australia!

  8. This book sounds great. Id like to throw my name in the hat as well. haha. Im sure the work editing this book was difficult but it looks like a great product. Congrats!

  9. I’m in! Books sounds and looks great :)

  10. how do I aplly? thanks the book would be lovelly

  11. I love lovage & I love cookbooks – I will definitely take a look at this book!

  12. I’m excited by the book and the int’l giveaway. Please, count me in.

    From France food capital city, Lyon !

  13. Sounds great! I’d love to be included in the drawing. Thanks!

  14. Would love to be entered – this cookbook looks/sounds fantastic! So many amazing food bloggers out there!

  15. Thanks, Dianne, for hosting this awesome giveaway. I am a food blogger and member of Foodista. I didn’t find out about the cookbook until after it was finished and I would absolutely love to win a copy of this coveted book. :>) Your book, “Will Write For Food” sounds amazing too. How exciting…congrats on your book!

  16. I’d love to get the cookbook, count me in!

  17. passionate about love food and the love of food and cooking :)

  18. wow!!! nice i love to collect cook books i am in on this one thanks!!!

  19. … am applying, hope to win the Foodista Best of Food Blogs Cookbook.

  20. That’s one of the books I’ve wanted but still don’t have yet, so pick me. Please. 😉

  21. I’d love a copy, too. Count me in.

  22. Count me in too. I love cooking and collecting cookbooks. It is my passion and stress relief. I love getting new recipes to try and I am planning on giving friends and neighbors a small cookbook of my favorite recipes for Christmas this year.

    How exciting ! please add my name ..
    thank you (hug) athena

  24. I love cookbooks and would love to have a copy of the Foodista one! Please count me in. Thanks.

  25. Just discovered this site a few weeks ago and LOVE it. Count me in for the contest please!

  26. Please count me in! I’ve got Will Write for Food, and would love to have this, too!

  27. I’m new to both Foodista and Blogging, but I’m having a great time wandering around checking out the recipes, making edits, uploading photos, connecting with fellow bloggers, etc. The book sounds like a great idea – count me in!! :)

  28. I’m not even sure what a vegetarian Scotch egg could be, but I love unusual recipes.

  29. Please pick me! Would LOVE that cookbook.

  30. Count me in…I NEED another cookbook and this one sounds fabulous.

  31. I would love to add this book to my library, sounds fantastic!

  32. I’d love to take a look at this type of cookbook. Count me in.

  33. Love to have one!
    I’ll have to check out the most common errors too! Bet I’ve made more than my fair share!

  34. I tip my hat to you for doing the editing job. I mean, WOW! That must have been quite the undertaking. I’m very curious to see this book!

  35. Just finished cooking, now dreaming of halloween snacks for the weekend. So thankful for life tonight.

  36. OOh please count me in ! sounds wonderful.

  37. I’d love to get the cookbook, count me in, please!!

  38. This sounds delightful! I would love to enter the draw if I may.

    Thanks Dianne!

  39. Although I’ve taken “food writing” classes from both you and Renée (wonderful, wonderful), I need the reminders included in your “errors” and “more errors” lists. I’ve printed them out and posted them within eye distance of my computer. Thank you.

    How about a gluten-free blogger cookbook?

    Until then, I’d love to check out this Foodista cookbook. I’m good at adaptations, so no problem with switching out ingredients if the recipe contains gluten.

  40. never too late to learn new tricks..
    this foodie would love to receive the cookbook!
    i’m sure it’s very yummmmm

  41. Somehow I’d missed that you edited this cookbook, Dianne. That definitely takes it up several notches in foregone quality for me! :-) I’d love to have this cookbook for my support group and my own reference. We love real food cookbooks and have no issues converting recipes. I know there are some gluten-free ones in the cookbook as well … nice.


  42. Sounds like an excellent book. And thanks for an unconditional giveaway. 😀

  43. Sounds like a good read!

  44. Oh would love this!

  45. All right! I love traveling and eating and this seems a great way to do both without leaving my house. Count me in with crossed fingers!

  46. Thanks for the giveaway contest. The book sounds like a fun read.

  47. In the spirit of international participation, here’s one from Singapore ;-). Thanks Dianne!

  48. A blogger community cookbook! Sign me up!

  49. This cookbook sounds fantastic. Please count me in.

  50. I’ve been wanting to check this one out – thanks for the chance to win it!

  51. Would love the book!

  52. Please pick me. I’d love a copy. Sounds like a tremendous variety of recipes. Thanks for offering this.

  53. Thanks for the chance to win!

  54. Don’t count me in since I’m one of the food bloggers in the book – if I come up randomly it should go to someone else who wants it. Just wanted to say thank you for your awesome support of, and work on, the book, and for mentioning my recipe ‘Chef Wally’s Baked Papaya’ in this post. I am thrilled to be a part of the book. Thanks, Dianne!

  55. Would love to win this book! Thanks for the opportunity and the great recipe writing tips.

  56. Wow a competition that is open to readers from all countries. Please count me as in. I would love to read this book having seen some good reviews about it. Thanks for the opportunity.

  57. Sounds like a great book

  58. Please count me in!
    Even though you didn’t mention any Australian contributions in the book, I’d still love to have the chance for a “test drive”!

  59. I love crazy recipes like this! What a great book!

  60. Excited about the book. Now I off to read your two controversial posts! I’m sure they aren’t necessarily controversial as much as informative :) Thanks Dianne!

  61. Would love this book. This is where I get alot of my recipes inspiration.

  62. I love the idea of this book! I’ll bet it’s really interesting.

  63. ooh-free cookbook giveaway! count me in!

  64. I would love to enter!

  65. Excellent, thanks for opening this up to the international community! Please count me in!

  66. Magnificent Idea!!! I love crazy!

  67. Thanks for the opportunity- I’ve been oogling this book- I’d love to win a copy!!

  68. Sounds like a good one. I hope I win it!

  69. Even though they didn’t pick my entry, I’d still like the book :-)

  70. I met many of the bloggers who were chosen to be published at IFBC. They were all very happy and, I’m sure, honored to know you Dianne edited their recipes. I know I would be! This must be a very interesting cookbook with diverse points of vue and flavors. I would love to have the chance to read it!

  71. You had me at “Vegetarian Scotch Eggs.” And yes, I live in Scotland and would love a shot at winning this cookbook!!

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