Book Giveaway: Will Write for Food

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It took a friend, Stephanie Stiavetti of Wasabimon, to suggest I give away a copy of my own book, signed of course, and only after her giveaway of Will Write for Food ended on August 3.

How could I not come up with an idea this obvious? It mystifies me. Fortunately, I’ve got a brand new copy, possibly with your name on it. I’ll sign it using my special black Sharpie marker, saved for all book signing occasions.

If you haven’t read about the new edition of Will Write for Food yet, here’s my announcement post and a book review on I’ve also posted on the cover selection process and provided an excerpt about the reporting style of Kim Serverson of the New York Times.

The main thing about the second edition is that it’s enormous, around 100,000 words, and covers food blogging in addition to updated details on freelance writing, memoir, cookbooks, recipe writing, and even fiction. It’s aimed at people who want to get started as well as for established writers who want to brush up on their  skills or learn some new ones. I’ve written a huge new chapter on food blogging and expanded the self-publishing section to cover the latest advancements. There are new interviews, new resources, new insights, even new exercises to jumpstart your writing process.

Here’s what you need to do to enter. Because I’m still in the media blitz part of my book launch, I’d really appreciate your help. Please tweet about this giveaway (I stole this idea from Stephanie) by cutting and pasting the following as it appears:

Interested in food writing? Win a signed copy of @diannej’s Will Write for Food.

Then leave a comment below to tell me you’ve done so. The comment will serve as your entry. Also tell me what specifically interests you about food writing. I’m always interested to know.

Please enter by midnight PST on August 16, 2010. I’ll pick a winner at random. In appreciation of my readers outside the US and Canada, this giveaway is open to everyone.

Update: Thank you so much to everyone who entered and tweeted. I used to select a winner, and number 10 came up. Congrats to Gail Dosik of One Tough Cookie!


  1. linda says

    I passed it on! Food writing combines two things I’m passionate about. I’ve loved food and writing since I was very young.

  2. says

    I am passionate about food, cooking, reading, writing…all things food…currently working on developing my own blog, but more importantly my goal is to put together my memories of fabulous family feasts I grew up enjoying.

  3. says

    I tweeted! I would love a copy of your book. I’ve been writing about food for a few years, but know that I have so much to learn :). It’s amazing how words can bring a dish to life – that’s my favourite thing to find.

  4. says

    I’ve started my own blog, and I really want it to be meaningful. I’d love a copy of the book to help me refine my skills.

  5. Paula says

    Tweeted! I have the first copy of your book and it really helped me get started writing about food as a hobby. I could really use a refresher on all that guidance and advice!

  6. says

    Would LOVE one. And have just tweeted even though it’s terribly damaging to my odds of winning :)

    Eating is such a mind-blowing sensory experience and I can never find ways of relaying it convincingly.

  7. says

    Yay! I just RT the msg. I was all ready to buy the first edition book a couple of months ago and then I found out you were releasing a second edition. I can’t wait. I borrowed it from the library, read the first chapter and immediately said “I have to own this.” as my food writing can always use more polishing!


  8. says

    Tweeted! I love about food writing that it is not only about the food you’re writing about but what stories you associate with that food and the moments you spend with loved ones when you prepared and eat a particular dish!

  9. says

    I posted on twitter :)

    I am interested in writing about food because I want to empower others to be able to play in the kitchen, particularly those on the gluten free side of life who may feel a bit more challenged to find inspiration for flavorful satisfying dishes.

  10. says

    Retweeted this in the hopes that I can gain some info on how to bolster my writing for my (infant and sporadic) food blog. Excited that you’re coming to Omnivore Books at the end of the month, will have to stop by to hear you speak! :o)

  11. Grant says

    Re-tweeted it @GKNL. I’m working on a cookbook now because I wanted to buy one on this subject and there wasn’t one. Hopefully by the time I finish it (ha ha ha) that will still be the case.

    I really want to do food videos, documentaries that go beyond simple cooking demos though I’d like to do those too. I’m interested in all aspects of food; history, culture, cooking, eating, all that stuff.

  12. says

    Tweeted this right now (@sabera). What I enjoy about food writing and blogging is the ability to write about food I love and my own unique style of cooking, without having an editor telling me what to do! Food is something every human feels close to, and it’s so interesting how my writing inspires people to make magic in their kitchens :)

    I’d simply LOVE to have a copy of your book. There’s so much to learn and your book will be a wonderful resource for me.

  13. says

    Tweeted! (@foodinphilly) I would love a copy of your book!

    I love food writing because the best and most effective food writing takes the reader from the page (or screen!) to the plate. It translates a sensory experience (the tastes, smells, textures, sizzles and sounds) into words so that the reader feels like s/he’s smelling the cinnamon in a plate of french toast or tasting the crisp caramel shell and the soft custard interior of a canelle. It’s a way of translating food across media and medium and I would love to learn how to improve upon this skill!

  14. says

    Just tweeted!

    I love food writing because food is something that is universal. We all eat. And writing about it is such a great way to share one’s love of food. When I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, I thought my relationship with food would change, but writing about it made me realize that it hadn’t.

  15. Andrea says


    love reading others’ food writing, would like to read more about how its done!

  16. says

    Tweeted (@Creatively_GF)

    I would love to have a copy of your book…I have so much to learn about food writing. I started my website two years ago when I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I’m not the best writer but I love food and I’m trying to get better and get my blog a bit better and have a better ability to share my recipes and ideas to not only the gluten free community but anyone who stumbles upon my page.

  17. says

    Hi, I just tweeted the link! I entered because I don’t enjoy writing except when it’s about food. It would make my parents proud to know that my English B.A. didn’t go to waste. :)

  18. Melissa Liton says

    I’ve done this! I’ve been dying to read this book – as a novice food blogger – I’m always looking for new avenues to write for and ways to improve my writing. I’m in technology PR and am comfortable writing in this medium but combining my passion for food with writing is a completely new thing for me :)

  19. Nicole Vierzba says

    I just re-tweeted it! (@NV1019 )

    I would love to get in the food writing business and learn more about you and what you do.

    Thank you!

  20. says

    Just so you know, I’m in the middle of making the jump towards a freelance food and craft writing career. I quit the day job two weeks ago and I’m prepping for a ramp up on my self promotion and networking. I must say, you are a constant source of inspiration and information.
    Oh, and I tweeted about the giveaway too.

  21. says

    I tweeted! I am already a food blogger, but would like to do a better job with my writing and expand beyond the blog and newsletters that I do. :-) I missed your presentation last year at BlogHer Food. Hope you’ll be presenting there this year or maybe at IFBC?



  22. says

    Just tweeted! I’d love to win this! I’m a food blogger…..

    I blog gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free and also “normal” recipes that aren’t for those with allergies—two versions…

    All of this and about living frugally too!


  23. says

    The last edition of your book was great and I would love a copy of the new version. Already tweeted (@amiablelife).
    Food writing is interesting because it enables people to pass down traditions and culture. It’s edible storytelling.
    I’m on a quest to document other people’s family recipes and reading your book helped me start my blog. Thanks for being an inspiration.

  24. says

    You’ve been officially broadcast to my followers. Here’s hoping my tweet brings you additional good fortune. As for me, I have to say I enjoy eating good food more than writing about it. But, I’m a great reader and reading about food is always a great delight.

  25. says

    Just tweeted (@handleheat) !! I really hope I win but if not, I’m buying your book off Amazon anyways. I have always been interested in literature and writing but once I started to develop my passion for cooking and food, it just seemed like a natural combination. I love when I can read something and feel like I’m at the table with someone, tasting, smelling, and touching the food. Or when someone describes food in a way I had never consciously thought before. I’d like to be able to do that.

  26. MauraLessa says

    I would LOVE a copy of your book. I was a food blogger for a couple of years before life threw me a curveball (or 6) and am goin to start up again. Would love to improve my writing. Tweeted @Mauralessa

  27. says

    I tweeted this. I love writing about food because I love preparing and eating food. I think it’s a natural progression, but I’m always looking at ways to improve.

  28. says

    I tweeted!
    What I most want to learn or interest me about food writing is the ability of how writers inspire readers to appreciate and enjoy good food.

  29. says

    I tweeted the message.
    I have tried in vain to procure your book from local libraries and bookstores. If everything else fails me, I’ll order it from Ever since I read the blurbs and descriptions, I knew I had to have it.
    We are a family of writers and our bookshelves hold an impressive number of books dealing with the art of scribes.
    I am a new blogger and I’d like to learn as much as I can about writing aspect of this new media.
    Thank you!

    • diannejacob says

      Lana, please call your closest independent bookstore. They can order it for you in a few days. If you don’t win, of course.

  30. says

    I tweeted. My wife Angela and I just submitted the manuscript for our first book to UNC Press. We had the first edition for that. I can’t wait to get my hands of the second edition.

  31. says

    I didn’t realize it until later, but my first published piece was a food writing piece. Food writing marries two of my greatest loves: food and the written word. I love how both things can bring people together.

  32. says

    Mostly what interests me about food is how food intersects with everything else. I like talking about roasting chicken to talk about the way we use time, for example, or baking cookies to remember the way my grandma did and the way cooking with someone is a way to love them. I’d love a copy of your book!

  33. says

    Hi Dianne,

    Tweeted @karishmapais

    Looks like your book covers every aspect of food writing.

    I’m still trying to develop my own style and decide which one I’d most like to write about.
    I write about cooking, cooking with friends, eating out at restaurants, books on food (recipes, fiction, non-fiction)

    Your book could help steer me in the right path and help me make a choice.


  34. says

    The first edition is my BIBLE!! Can’t wait to read the new expanded version — was so happy to Tweet and Facebook the news!

  35. says

    I did! (@AudreyBakes) … I would love to work on developing more of a voice and style (in food and in writing). I had a chance to browse through the earlier edition and would love to read more.

  36. says

    I’m happy to see this giveaway and especially since its open to readers outside the US and Canada because it means a stand a miniscule chance at winning (I hope).

    And your giveaway is conditional, I see. :)
    Ok, I tweeted as requested.
    I love food and not just the eating part. The textures, flavours, the process- there’s a story involved in each part. Most of all, I enjoy the memories connected with a lot of cooking (whichever part of the world it is from) and that’s what I like about food writing.

  37. says

    Tweeted! I’m interested in the new chapter on blogging, specifically – I’ve been blogging for a couple of years but I’m facing some transitions in my life and wondering if it might be possible to supplement my income with advertising.

  38. says

    I tweeted it (@cookinginstyle). What interests me about food writing is the whole wealth of creative opportunities that it has. I do alot of writing personally at the 9to9 (legal, media stuff) and I find that while I’m creative in the kitchen, I can be creative in my writing on my food blog as well to reflect that. It’s a nice change from the daily.

  39. says

    Hi Diane,

    I’m interested in writing style, how to find your voice. I’m a blogger (so the new info on blogging should be fun) and also have a food column in my local newspaper. I have your first book and I’ve enjoyed it very much. It has been very helpful and I’m looking forward to the new one.

  40. says

    I tweeted (@nellyscupcakes)

    I adore food writing, whether it be cookbooks or blogs I just cant get enough!
    I have my own blog, and I love reading other peoples, especially when they are honest if things go wrong… :)

  41. says

    I’ve just tweeted the message, which is my first tweet! Your great offer prompted me to join the twitter world. Thanks for writing a great resource for the media-minded food obssessed. I’m very excited to take a look at your revised edition, especially for the blogging info–because I’m CLUELESS about such things.

    Thanks again-

  42. says

    Oh I would so love to win this! I tweeted @godairyfree.

    I was emailing with a blogger friend who just recently saw you speak and said that you were amazing!

  43. says

    I tweeted about this from

    I’m not entirely sure what interests me about food writing, just that it does. The realization came when I discovered that more than half of the tweets I sent out from my personal twitter (initially intended more for talking about audio) were actually about food: recipes, restaurants, seasonal produce, etc.. This was the reason I created my current twitter account (listed above).

  44. Diane Jacob says

    Hi Dianne,
    Your “Interesting Name” partner, here, in Canada. Have tried to get a copy of your book at Chapters (and it’s affiliates) for a few weeks now in the Toronto Canada area and it’s nowhere to be found YET, they say.
    Ground breaking opportunity and how I will use your book!
    As a caterer and project manager, I am currently assisting a dietitian/nutritionalis with managing the writing, publishing and promotion of a niche book. This is as a result of several years of exciting research (with documented results) on “how to lower your cholesterol (and blood sugar) by 50% “naturally””, with a companion cookbook of mouth watering recipes developed by a team of foodies, like myself.
    As you can see, getting my hands on a copy of your book (even the original copy) is CRITICAL as we are advancing with sponsoring from a major food manufacturer and I would like to be able to guide the writer in the right direction, in the successful art of writing …and to completion. The publisher is waiting!
    I am not a Twitter’r YET however, after our discussion/emails of last month, I have already promoted your book to at least 10 of my foodie and/or writer friends. Can’t wait to be part of your workshop tour in Toronto!!!
    Diane Jacob (your French foodie connection)

  45. says

    I found this website through a link to the contest someone posted on Twitter, and I’m glad I did. My dream job is to be a food photographer/writer (it’s a dream because I’m not very great at photography OR writing, heh). I’m always looking for pointers and ways to improve. So thanks for hosting the contest because it led me here, and thanks for the great content.


  46. says

    Tweet! I’m in the middle of your first book, thoroughly enjoying it and the exercises. I’ve been pursuing food writing as I want to share my crazy food background, experiments, challenges, travels, savoring the harvest, and ideas with people via my blog. Also am serious about writing and want to get published :)

  47. says

    All Tweeted @Spatulas_Corks

    What a great giveaway! Thanks so much for offering this. I’ve been looking at it for a while but hadn’t gotten around to buying it yet.

    I’ve been writing about food for almost 3 years, and just when you think I’ve figured it all out, there’s more to learn.

    I have my own blog, write two Food columns, take my own photos, and recently landed a big book contract for The Idiot’s Guide to Vegan Baking! Just finishing the last of it now. I’m totally psyched and sold on blogging, but I’ve let it drop off for a while to do this project. Now I have to motivate myself to get back to it, and redesign my tired looking blog. How I wish I had this book BEFORE I started the project!

    Thanks for the motivation, the opportunity, and good luck to everyone :-)

  48. Tracey says

    I can’t wait to read this! Anything to do with food ends in “licous!” I tweeted about your giveaway! Thanks so much for contest : )

  49. Celeste Allyn says

    Yeah! A contest that extends to Canada.
    I was just chatting with a friend about the effect food has on our senses.
    Food smells that bring back memories (good or bad) but it sticks with you.
    I am seriously interested in food writing.

  50. Hope says

    I guess I’ll have to get my daughter to teach me to Tweet. I’d sing like a canary to have a copy of your book as I’m writing about using local food sources for great recipes!

  51. says

    Tweeted and bound to get retweeted by many as the original “Will Write For Food” has a cult following on Twitter and among the food bloggers who chat there.
    What interests me about food writing? Hmm . . .I’ve always had a passion for food and writing. But, while this interest showed itself through “restaurant reviews” I would write up when I was young, it didn’t gel until the last year or so. Now my food passion spills into my blog OC2Seattle and my articles on (Seattle). I have a lot of learning and growing to do, but I don’t think I’ll ever tire of food 😉

  52. Erica Peters says

    I tweeted it (petersej), thanks to seeing it among Ken’s tweets – maybe he forgot the part about leaving you a message here…

    • diannejacob says

      Hi Erica, his is here but way further down. Quite a few stellar visitors. I’m flattered!

  53. says

    Hi, just tweeted as you requested. I couldn’t even begin to tell you what I love about being a food writer!!! Congrats on the book–assuming I don’t win it, I’ll buy it for sure.
    Best Wishes,

  54. Elyse says

    Ok – it’s tweeted. I have the first edition which was great. Now I need the revised version. I’ve done food writing and hope to do much more!

  55. says

    Hello! Just tweeted about the giveaway – and to be honest, just found out about your book. I’m new to the food-blogging world and would love some tips. I finally feel like I’ve found a sort of “calling” (I know, I know – me and a million other people) and think your book would help me develop that a bit more.

  56. says

    i tweeted but my comment wouldn’t go thru earlier. or at least it didn’t appear to have gone thru. so I’d love to win the book…it sounds terrific. if not, I’ll buy it for sure. i’m a food writer because….wow, what’s not to like?

  57. says

    Hei Dianne,

    Greetings from Norway! Found your blog through a re-tweet a few days ago and really glad I did. Thanks a lot for all the work you do and all of your well-written and thoughtful articles and tips!

    Keep up the great work!

    Read more about my food adventures in Norway at Thanks For The Food.

  58. says

    I tweeted!

    As for my interest in food writing, it developed shortly after I had my first child. I had been a newspaper journalist for five years, covering mostly crime, and I wanted a big change — to write about something life-affirming instead of people who are in the pits of life — and food writing seemed like the perfect avenue for that. Food is nourishing. It’s something that we share our days over at the dinner table. It brings people together.

  59. says

    Dianne, I just returned home from vacation and the updated new edition of Will Write for Food was waiting for me in my mailbox! Your first book was great as well as helpful and I am so looking forward to reading this edition. I just tweeted about the give away. Excellent idea!

  60. says

    Tweeted! Just using the right words to make food writing as evocative as it should be without sounding overly floral is the biggest challenge for me.

  61. says

    I’ve tweeted!!
    I’m interested to one day become a food writer…Until recently i had no passion for life, and was working to live, I started cooking, and found I was skilled at it, and it took over my entire world. I love to inspire people to get in the kitchen, and like making them smile. My writing is often silly & irreverent, but then so am I! I can’t wait to read your book to help hone my style, and learn from someone who’s worked so hard at her dream.

  62. says

    Now I’ve got two young children, I’m trying to make the move from becoming a chef & deli owner to becoming a food writer. It’s so hard to get into, this book would be a real help. I’ve tweeted your comp.

  63. says

    I tweeted! I’ve always wanted my own copy of this book after borrowing it from the library by chance. I loved every page of it: I’m an aspiring journalist, but I really wanna go into food writing…I just LOVE writing about food, it’s almost reliving the experience of tasting it myself! And I think people passionate about food is just so wonderful to talk to, to be with. It’s a wonderful, universal subject–I mean, everyone has to eat right? No matter what race, religion, age, gender, etc.

  64. says

    I tweeted about your giveaway – @foodiesatwork

    I love taking photos of food and writing about it. I’ve always thought about food a lot so I’m happy I decided to turn to blogging to share my thoughts and in turn it’s been a great way to hear other bloggers’ thoughts.

  65. says

    I tweeted!

    I’ve always wanted my own copy of this book after borrowing it from the library by chance. I loved every page of it: I’m an aspiring journalist, but I really wanna go into food writing…I just LOVE writing about food, it’s almost reliving the experience of tasting it myself! And I think people passionate about food is just so wonderful to talk to, to be with. It’s a wonderful, universal subject–I mean, everyone has to eat right? No matter what race, religion, age, gender, etc.

  66. says

    Hello there. I have just tweeted! I would love to learn about food writing. I’m very new to blogging and have so much to learn! I love how evocative food can be and how reading about it can stir up so many memories of a time or place.

  67. says

    Just tweeted! I work in the legal field, so I have experience in legal writing, but I am very passionate about food and run a cooking blog with my sister. I’m always looking for ways to improve my writing skills and have found the first edition of your book to be a truly wonderful resource. I can’t wait to read the new version!

  68. says

    Tweeted as upliftingfood

    Would love this book, have previously worked in the Marketing side of Publishing but love food so much I started a food blog back in February and would love nothing more than to edit books or have my own or even just somehow get my readership up on the blog

  69. says

    Just tweeted about the comp. I would love to win this book as I have no formal training in writing. I started my blog a year ago and I am painfully aware of the huge gap between the standard of my writing and that of my peers. I love to write about food and the memories it conjures up and also the memories formed whilst enjoying new dishes. Food for me is a very social affair and I am having so much fun documenting the love and laughter that surrounds its consumption.

  70. says

    Tweeted! :) Cooking has always been a way that I share my love with people, and I like to try to capture it for others to experience!

  71. says

    I am abt to RT (locavoreincity). I am working on a book and have published a number of essays on food, family and pop culture. I also teach college writing and like to bring in food writing b/c many students can relate to it in some way.
    Thanks so much!

  72. says

    I’ve tweeted about the book- I came across you via someone else doing the same and am really pleased I did. Your book sounds excellent and if i do not win i will purchase one. I’m looking forward to having a look at your site too.

  73. says

    hi Dianne,
    I tweeted!
    I have always had a great passion for food and cooking. Eventhough I qualified and worked as a nurse for a number of years, since having my 4 children my time spent preparing meals has significantly increased . I simply love sourcing good ingredients and with these I love to turn them into wonderful culinary delights. Through the blog I love to share recipes that I enjoy to cook for my family but also I like to give tips on where to source good quaility ingredients. I love cooking with my children and always highlight how significant their involvement is with my baking and cooking. I want other parents, who normally don’t cook with their children, to realise that doing something like making cupcakes with their little ones is not only fun but also provides wonderful memories for that child as they grow older.
    I would love to win a copy of your new book.
    Kind Regards,

  74. says

    RT done! I already have your book… a signed copy would be nice though and I would give my copy to a needy soul ;-). Just want to keep learning and writing and eating and cooking (not necessarily in that order)…

  75. Mags says

    I’ve tweeted! Love to cook and love finding other people’s personal recipes and the stories behind them

  76. Nina says

    I’m a South African living in the UK and found out about u through Twitter- I reposted your tweet as my entry. Would love to get hold of your book as I’m still a food blogging virgin and need all the help I can get :-)

  77. Karen de Ronde says

    I’ve just retweeted – I’m a total newby and would love to learn how to blog or write about food – a totally new career option!

  78. says

    I tweeted! As I have read the first edition of “Will Write for Food”, I am very excited about this edition and though I’ve yet to read it, I know it’s great . I borrowed the first edition of  from my library and learned so much that I know I’ll learn even more in this new edition. It was also through your book I gained respect for Judith Jones and her recipe pet peeves in addition to the other recipe writing tips included influences my recipe writing a lot, and I’m always conscious of the words I choose and write my recipes carefully, trying to make them as clear as possible. I became more interested in food writing when I started reading Ruth Reichl, as well as out of my own interest as a food blogger. Thus, I was (and still am) very excited and pleased that this new edition of “Will Write for Food” has been updated to include blogging. Thank you so much! 

  79. Susan Durishin says

    My first tweet of this sultry summer morning is now complete! For me, writing about food is writing about a primal thread that connects us all on a deep soul level. Not to mention that a beautifully written piece can transport the reader to realms previously unknown, awakening a desire to know, learn and taste more!

  80. Meagan says

    I tweeted! (@vivalameagan). My two favorite things are food (duh!) and writing! So combining them has always been a passion of mine!

  81. Clare says

    I am a twenty something who has a chronic illness that often keeps me stuck in the house. Food writing it what fuels my culinary passion- i always wanted to be a chef but illness got in the way. Writing on food transplants me to a new realm full of flavour, colour, joy and fills me with drive to keep onto trying to heal so i can get back out there and discover and taste all that the world has to put on a plate.

  82. says

    Dianne, I just tweeted your book giveaway. As a matter of fact, it was a tweet that introduced me to your book and the giveaway. How exciting!

    I am very interested in food writing. I have a blog and an internet radio show (podcast) that explores “where food meets faith.” One thing I know that I need to do is improve in the area of food writing. Your book looks like the perfect prescription for me!

  83. Mei says

    Dream to write a cookbook one day… hope I can learn something from you about food writing.

  84. says

    Just re-tweeted with a little extra about the food blogging section. There are so few how-to resources about how to write and run a food blog. I have been thinking someone should start a blog on that very topic!

    I skimmed that first edition of your book at the book store the other day, and I can’t wait to see the new one. I hope they will be available at IFBC.

    I have never though about what specifically interests me about food writing… such a fundamental question, but I guess it comes down to the old adage, write what you know. I am always analyzing and observing food, intrigued by menus, what is the up and coming trend.

    • diannejacob says

      Thanks Gabi. Glad to introduce you to my blog and book. Yes, the new edition will be sold at IFBC.

  85. says

    I would love to read the new edition – very impressed with the breadth of the update. That isn’t usually the case with new versions. I am in North Berkeley and a fellow Baker’s Dozen member, and so am especially sorry to miss your talk at Omnivore this Saturday, but I will definitely read the new version of the book!

    Link to the tweet your requested –

    • diannejacob says

      Thanks Rachel. Can’t figure how I haven’t met you yet at Baker’s Dozen. If you feel like taking BART please come Sept. 28 to my talk at the Ferry Plaza at Book Passage at 6 p.m.

  86. says

    I tweeted tonight about the contest. I’m interested in the book because I like to write and lately have been writing more about what I’m cooking on my personal blog. It’s been very satisfying and keeps me cooking new things more often.

  87. says

    I just tweeted about the giveaway. I’ve always wanted to be a writer, and it wasn’t until I started my food blog that I felt I found my groove. I’m hooked.

  88. Teddy carroll says

    I’ve RTd your contest link and really look forward to reading your book.