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images-1Let’s hit the beach, bask in the sun and get to know each other. I’m delighted to announce the first annual Food Blogger Camp at Club Med Ixtapa Pacific in Ixtapa, Mexico, January 9-16, 2010.

Club Med is giving away accommodations for seven nights, coach airfare, and a scholarship for one sweepstakes winner. You’ll get to meet and hang out with me, plus some of the most talented food bloggers, authors, and food photographers in the business.

At the Boot Camp, we’ll have workshops on how to improve blogging, photography and multimedia skills. I’ll lead a workshop on writing with the senses, and I know FBcamp-200x196I’ll chime in when Jaden Hair and David Lebovitz share their stories on getting published, including drafting a proposal and working with or without an agent. We’ll also take a walking tour of the Zijuatanejo market, taste tacos and tequilas, visit a fisherman’s market and talk with local farmers about sustainable agriculture.

This event is open to all food bloggers. Please read the contest rules before entering. To enter, just leave a comment below, with a link to your blog in the URL. To increase your chances, add a comment on the participating blog sites of these instructors:

You can also have an extra entry here at Club Med during the contest run dates.

The contest begins now and ends on Sunday September 13, 2009 at 11:59 p.m EST (US). Club Med will draw a winner at random from comments on participating websites and Twitter followers on or around September 15, 2009. The winner may bring a guest for the discounted price of a double occupancy room. Guest airfare is not included. If you have already paid and win the sweepstakes, Club Med will refund your payment.

To book the trip:

1. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “CLICK HERE TO BOOK.”

2. Use Login: blogger, Password: 160606 to get the Food Blog Camp discount price of $599 to $999 (US) based on double-occupancy and length of stay.

3. On the drop-down menu, choose “Ixtapa.” Type in the dates January 9-16, and 7 days. The booking page will open showing the discounted price just underneath the regular price. (It should say “Best Available Offer: Food Blogger Camp.”)

For questions, call 1-888-WebClub. See you there!

9/15/09: Congratulations to sweepstakes winner Casey Barber of Good. Food. Stories.

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  387 Responses to “Food Blogger Camp and Free Trip Giveaway”

  1. –Would love to win this food blogging trip to Ixtapa!

  2. Oh my, I would love to attend.

    by the by, I food blog through the pollanesque journal on LJ, as well as through facebook note posts, my personal livejournal (which is locked to public access) and starting to move those over to my public journal: Not all of the entries showing how to enter, nor do the official rules on ClubMed’s site, require a link to your food blog to enter, so my other entries don’t have this description, but I wanted to make sure it was at least in one place. I’m just beginning and would love the opportunity to learn from who I consider the best.

  3. Wow, sounds like that would be a blast! Please drop my name into the hat!

  4. Yay, I’m the first one to comment here too. Officially throwing my hat in the ring by commenting everywhere and following the Twitter account. Mama needs a new pair of shoes.

  5. As a grad student I could get a lot of great info and research done at this bootcamp. By research I mean, of course, eat tacos and learn to take better pictures of them.

  6. Wow – great opportunity! Fingers crossed!

  7. I’d love to win….

  8. The chance to meet you in Ixtapa? It’s a food writer’s dream!

  9. What an opportunity! I would dearly love to go, so fingers crossed.

  10. Enter me FTW!!!!

  11. I could definitely go for food blogging camp in Mexico in January while it will probably be -25 here in Montana!

  12. Sounds wonderful! Count me in for an entry :)

  13. Like everyone else who has entered, I would love to go!

  14. An inspiring Food Camp on all fronts! Thanks for the opportunity!

  15. Tacos? Did somebody say tacos?

  16. An incredible opportunity with fun and wonderful people, I would love to attend!

  17. I’m hoping to be at this function. What an amazing chance to learn..and in a great location to boot!

  18. What a terrific opportunity! I would love the chance to learn more from such great folks, or the chance to get to do it all for free. Dianne – I am in the Bay Area and have had people recommend your courses, and have been looking forward to taking one, but I never thought one would be offered in a Mexican resort!

  19. What a great opportunity! :)

  20. I would love to go!

  21. See you in Ixtapa (I hope!).

  22. Choose me. Pick me. Love me.

  23. I hope I win! I really want to be able to participate in this camp. I never heard of this before! :)

  24. can’t think of a better way to start the new year!

  25. Sounds like an amazing few days! your whole roster of featured folks are all incredible!

  26. This looks like a terrific conference, a great lineup of writers in a wonderful location at the perfect time of year (when everyone needs a little sunshine). As a regional food blogger, covering restaurants in my little town, and hoping to expand and grow as the restaurants here get better and better (as the vineyards grow, so comes the cuisine), I’d love to win and learn. Which I obviously need from that huge run-on sentence wouldn’t you say? Give me a chance and I promise I won’t spend every single day sipping mai tais by the pool, but will actually GO to the conference, lol!

  27. Sign me up!

  28. Dianne, if this camp is even half as helpful as “Will Write For Food” than I would love to be there and share in the ideas. Thanks for sharing this opportunity with all of us!

  29. oh my goodness! Having just left student-dom and entered the real world of bills and non-leisure, I’d be ECSTATIC to go on any kind of vacation, much less one I would give my left pinky toe to be a part of!

  30. This just sounds awesome. I would love to be able to go and learn from everyone’s experience.

  31. Hi Dianne!

    I would LOVE to attend this conference and would only be able to if I WON! I have my blog ( my restaurant ( and a potential visit from the Food Network in November! PLEASE choose me! I am qualified to attend!

    Tastefully yours, Nancy Horn

  32. Me, me, me. I’d go to Cleveland in January to hang with this group! Truly!

  33. Ixtapa. Food. Food writers. A winter getaway. What’s not to like?
    Count me in!

  34. Great lineup, great idea. Will be a fun, inspiring trip!

  35. Oh Mexico…I can only dream.

  36. I would absolutely love to get to join you at the Food Blogger Camp! Sounds like it’s going to be so much fun.

  37. Okay, I wanna go to Zihuatanejo . . .

  38. I would love to addend this! I would learn so much, and have so much fun. Not only this would be a great learning experience, this would make up for the vacations I didn’t have for the past 3 years.

  39. What a great opportunity! I would love to win and go!

  40. Please include me in the drawing.

  41. Sign me up! Sounds wonderfully fun and delicious…

  42. What an fun opportunity!

  43. yep I am trying…did each site once and i hope i win….will get to meet my mentor whose book i am blogging

  44. Will write for a free trip! What a spectacular learning opportunity this is, I really hope to win!

  45. better than girl scout day camp…

  46. This would be amazing.

  47. What food blogger wouldn’t jump at the chance to win this?

  48. Oh, wouldn’t this be a wonderful thing to win!

  49. Please pick me!!! :)

  50. Such a lovely idea including some lucky person in all the fun – I hope I’m the one!

  51. My birthday is that week. I think I ought to win by default.

  52. This would be absolutely amazing. Fingers crossed. :)

  53. First time on your blog – thanks for running this great contest!

  54. Put me in the hat please!

  55. Great opportunity! Would love to go. I have much to learn!

  56. Oh, I’d love to win!!

  57. With a book coming out in April, and currently working on my new web site (which will include a blog), blogging camp would be just the thing! ‘Specially at Club Med. Pick me! Pick me!

  58. I wish that everybody could go, but alas, I do so hope my fairy godmother comes through for me on this one!

  59. Look forward to meeting you, and what’s not great about food, drink, photography and yakking on the beach, right?

  60. I know it’s a random chance but I have been so looking forward to meeting you and taking a workshop. Zihuat? Even better. Will see you at Blog Her Food…looking forward to it.

  61. What a wonderful chance to meet some of my favorite fellow food bloggers face to face… hope to see you there!

  62. Of all the contests I’ve ever entered online, this is the one I most want to win, hands down, ever.

  63. I could love to attend this camp!

  64. For a thifty yearning foodie this would be a dream come true.


  65. This sounds so fun!!

  66. I would love to go please!

  67. Oh, please. I want camp!

  68. Sun, sand, and lots of yummy food – that’s my idea of heaven!

  69. Very exciting!!

  70. sounds great!

  71. Sounds like an absolute blast.

  72. What Adrienne said. I would love to win this.

  73. hope to see you there! *fingers crossed* :)

  74. Mexico in January…. sounds GREAT!

  75. Sand, sun, “Hands up” and food bloggers…what could be better?

  76. Oh, yes, please! Sounds so delicious.

  77. Sounds like utter heaven…maybe I can rustle up the money even if I DON’T win… 😀

  78. This is an awesome idea. Also, I had no idea about BlogHer Food — wish I would have known about it sooner. Hopefully I’ll check it out for next year!

  79. Please choose me!

  80. What a way to start a new year with favorite fod bloggers, fun in the sun, fabulous food and kitchen time! Count me in!

  81. I’m not sure I could find a better vacation. It came up at the perfect time; just as I was looking for a winter vacation. I’m all booked and ready to go, winning would be the prize of a lifetime!

  82. Me! Me! Me! Sounds like so much fun :)

  83. I don’t have to go to the beach if I win, right? My Irish skin is afraid of the sun.

  84. Ok, I would like to win. Thank you!

  85. I would love to go ! Food, sun, and fun!

  86. I would love to go!

  87. Definitely up for going south in January.

  88. PICK ME! OMG- you guys are my idols…and I need a vacay sooooo bad. Hope to hear from you soon!!!

  89. Packing my suitcase right now :) What a great giveaway.

  90. I can’t think of a better way to spend a week…

  91. How I would love to come!

  92. Crossing my fingers!

  93. This would be fantastic!

  94. And I almost bypassed your post! Gee whiz, girl-this is great.
    Hope I win!

  95. Will blog for free trip

  96. Ohhh I so need some big time help with my blog!!!! and a little vacation too…:)

  97. Looking forward to learning all the little things that make for a great blog. I see it takes hard work and a lot of fun is to be had.

  98. I know I don’t have a snowball’s chance in Hell at winning, but I’m entering anyway! Man that would be so awesome to go. I wish the economy weren’t in the toilet, I would buy my ticket now! Thanks for having the contest, and I hope everyone has a blast!

  99. How amazing! I’d love to take part in this. Thanks for the opportunity!

  100. I’d love to win this trip!

  101. first I want to say, I’d love to come to bootcamp with y’all. second, I am so glad to be introduced to your blog, never been before. I could really used some pithy snippets. looking forward to checking you out.


    dana joy

  102. Take me with you!

  103. Sounds amazing!! Would love to go!!!

  104. i know the chances are slim but i would LOVE for this opportunity and surely can’t afford it otherwise!

  105. My blog needs help! Please?

  106. Will TOTALLY blog for this prize!!!!

  107. Sounds heavenly!

  108. So thrilled that this is happening! Would love the opportunity to join you, thanks for the giveaway!

  109. Mexico? Food blogging? Sold.

  110. WILL BLOG !!!!

  111. I’ve written for other people and now Id like to write my own blog. Entirely curious to learn from food bloggers I follow.

  112. fun in the sun with some great writers and foodies! yeah!!!

  113. What a dream vacation for a food blogger!

  114. I’ve loved teaching at Rancho La Puerta, and would love a chance to present at Club Med too!

  115. oh hells yes!

  116. sounds great. count me in.

  117. I would love to spend the week with all of you!

  118. Hope to see you soon!

  119. Sounds great! Sign me up! I could use some sun and blog talk!

  120. I’ve got your book and would love to get a workshop in person! Thanks for being part of the contest!

  121. OMG what a fantastic giveaway! I’d love to attend but could never possibly afford it. I hope I win!!!

  122. I need help with blogging *almost* as much as I need a vacation!

  123. January at the beach sounds great to me. Oh yeah, learning from food bloggers would be such a bonus.

  124. Sounds like a fabulous time.

  125. i’m not an official food blogger but I play one in my home every day.

  126. Will comment for food, for photos, for travel, for meeting amazing bloggers… will do anything to win this contest! :)

  127. Thanks for the great opportunity!!! I was just hoping for great adventures next year. Would love to learn (and toast 2010) with you all.

  128. I want to go!!!

  129. I remember my first time at Club Med. Paradise Island, Bahamas. I was 14 years old and had a crush on a fellow vacationer named Adam, who was probably 15. When they picked teams for the doubles tennis tournament, they had all the women/girls put their rackets in one pile, and all the men/boys put their rackets in another. They then picked one racket from each pile to form each mixed doubles team.

    Guess whose rackets they picked?

    That’s right.

    Maybe this time I’ll get picked again!

  130. Wow, this sounds amazing! I would love the chance to come, meet you all, and get some great tips for my blog.

  131. I’d love to win!

  132. would be so delighted to join you for the foodblogger camp. please enter my name… thanks!

  133. to join you and the other talented food bloggers would be such a privilege!!

  134. I’m pretty sure this is as good as it gets!

  135. Such a cool event, hoping I’ll be able to make it.

  136. What a wonderful opportunity!!! PS more food writing/photos will be posted on my blog soon!!

  137. i would love to go!

  138. Food Bloggers + Sun + Beach = Fun!

  139. Count me in!

  140. Such a nice giveaway. I really need this!

  141. so happy to find your blog! i just ordered your book from amazon after i found it on the net a few days ago.

    what a fabulous idea! the food bloggers who are participating in this program are some of the BEST, and what could be better than meeting for such an exciting program at Club Med?

    i am launching a blog about cooking in Sicily and Italian regional foods soon, and know this would be a once in a lifetime op!

    un caro saluto,

  142. Count me in! Oh how I’d Love love love to come.

  143. Let’s go!

  144. will write for foodblogging scholarship

  145. Oh, please! me!

  146. Oooh me me me! Pick me!

  147. isn’t this every food blogger’s dream?

  148. ME! ME! ME!

  149. Such a great group of talent and personalities, truly impressive. What a blast -and an education- that week will be.

  150. What a dream week! Fingers crossed…

  151. Oh, I would so love to go!

  152. It just so happens I love both food blogging and fun in the sun…

  153. I’m a good conference participant, I swear. No wandering off to the beaches or anything. 😉

  154. would love to go!

  155. What a fab trip with fab people! Don’t you think it is time to take a gluten free blogger? Will carry bags! :)

  156. Oh it would be such a privilege to be there with all of you great bloggers and learn something new!

  157. I could definitely use the help. This sounds like it would be so much fun!

  158. This amateur food blogger would LOVE to go!

  159. I would absolutely love to come on this trip!

  160. great writers and great food and great sunshine. dreamy…

  161. ooh, pick me! pick me!

  162. If I would be so lucky…

  163. What a fantastic opportunity for a lucky writer! Now if only that lucky writer was me!

  164. Please pick me. I would love to go and am flat out of cash!

  165. Sounds like foodblogging heaven.

  166. Hanging out with fellow foodbloggers on a beach? Sounds like heaven!

  167. Food, fun, good company, beautiful setting, what more could you ask for? If I could afford it, I’d just sign right up, but hey, maybe I’ll win anyway :)

  168. This would be absolutely amazing…

  169. This looks like a fun time. Please enter me in the context and thanks!

  170. I would even share a room with David to win this trip! (Just joking David….)

  171. I would love to enter (and win!)

  172. I would love to attend. I can only imagine how amazing it would be!

  173. Love your book!

    This is a trip of a lifetime! One can only hope the random number generator pulls me out of the sea of hopefuls!

  174. take me to the beach!

  175. Please pick me! I would love to go!

  176. Awesome contest! I would love to go!

  177. Pick me! Pick me!

  178. Winning this trip would be a dream come true!

  179. This contest is so cool! I would love to go!

  180. I did always love camp!

  181. This would be an awesome experience!

  182. pick me please!

  183. Oh pick me….

  184. Sounds awesome. What an event.

  185. Sounds like a blast!

  186. Sounds wonderful!!!

  187. Cant wait to see more snippets. WOULD LOVE to see y’all in Mexico!!

  188. Wow, what an opportunity for awesomeness! I would LOVE to go!

  189. yum yum yum! what an exciting give-away!

  190. I’d love to go.

  191. Would love to win this!

    BTW, I love “Will Write For Food”. Great resource.

  192. What a great opportunity! Thanks for the chance to win!

  193. That would be so wonderful! I love to cook and take photography. Plus the dates is on our wedding anniversary. A honeymoon that I never had.

  194. this would be awesome!


  196. Dianne, I know that you would be a lot of fun to meet – I can only hope to return the favor!

    PICK ME!

  197. Fun interesting intelligent blogging peeps…can’t wait to meet!

  198. Imagining myself there right now!

  199. pick me! pick me!

  200. I promise to take lots of notes!

  201. Diane, This sounds like a wonderful opportunty for blogger. And we have all the benefits of a wonderful location with great food.

  202. …a trip of a lifetime….

  203. All I can really say is, wow.

  204. my wife has always wanted to start a food blog

  205. I would die for this! Please enter me! Thanks!!!

  206. Hurrah! Good luck, little entry. :)

  207. this is amazingggg!! i’m a college student and am part of a club on campus called the culinary society. i love food and i love club med!! i hope i win!

  208. Wow, I’d really, really love to win this!

  209. I’m ready to leave now. Let’s go!!!

  210. Yes Please!!

  211. Ooooo…me me!

  212. Yes please!

  213. Pick me! Sounds great!

  214. Please pick me!

  215. I think this is a GREAT opportunity to learn and meet some of the best out there in the Food Blogoshere… Beautiful Mexico, Fantastic Food, and Entertaining Blogging, can you really ask for more!!!! :-)

  216. Is this like Sandals but even better??

  217. Would love the opportunity to go!

  218. I sure hope you choose me :)! This would be a most awesome opportunity to learn from the great greats :)!!!

  219. I’m being totally honest when I say I want to attend the camp for the sessions which I know will be amazing, but the mommy in me would also love a week with adults! And beach! And tropical drinks!

  220. This sounds incredible! I hope I win!

  221. Hope to win this one! One of us would die to go!

  222. I would love the opportunity to go!

  223. Thank you for the opportunity!

  224. this is so exciting! I am so excited and I really hope I can meet all of you guys!!!

  225. Fledgling food blogger, so I’ll have to leave my URL at a later date… but I’ll be up and running by January! I so hope to win this trip.

  226. Sign me up, please! What a great experience to be with all of you!

  227. This sounds like an amazing time- would love love love to go to food blogging camp!

  228. Please enter me…. please pick me!

  229. Yes please! Sounds divine!

  230. I am new to the food blogging world. Thank you for this opportunity.

  231. Thanks for picking me ^_^

  232. I want to go and learn more!!

  233. This is my dream of dreams! Beautiful people, beautiful food, beautiful location! Life does not get better than this!

  234. But of course I’m dying over here . . . Yes please!

  235. Thanks for participating. Cant wait to attend.

  236. See you in Ixtapa!!

  237. Good luck to everyone! I could use a vacation.

  238. I should add a blog piece to this site. It has hundreds of users and they all love food. They use the site to buy whole animals directly from farms, and I imagine that documenting what I do with everything, nose to tail, would be encouraging.

  239. Well, there are 35 fewer entries here than on another blog post, so maybe I have a chance after all!!

  240. Well I guess I’m just gonna have to, huh? Am developing a master’s thesis on food blogging…why not do it in mexico? :)

  241. Sounds like a great opportunity!

  242. It would be so awesome to win! Good luck to all of us!

  243. What a fabulous idea, sponsoring a blogger to join the fun! I’d love, love, love to attend :)

  244. Um, yes please — sounds amazing!

  245. Amazing how you’ve put together a conference on not simply blogging, but what is behind the food – the origins, the growth practices, the climate. Thanks for sharing!

  246. Can I come?

  247. I’d love to go to camp! And I can use all the advice I can get!

  248. Looks amazing – I could soooo use a vacation!

  249. Oh I hope I win! This would be a chance of a lifetime.

  250. What a great opportunity. I’d LOVE to win!

  251. Please, please, please…

  252. Hand’s up, baby, hand’s up
    merci bien

  253. I would love to win this prize.

  254. This would be perfect for a wanna-blogger like me! Thanks for the opportunity.

  255. I just launched a blog and would love some instruction/direction/collaboration! Yes please!

  256. Please enter me in the contest.

  257. This sounds so fun!

  258. Oh, heck yeah, this sounds sooooo great!!!

  259. fun, sun, drink, learn, fun,… how fun.

  260. Pick Me, Pick Me! I promise I’ll be the best food blogger evah, and I love food, so it’s perfect! I’m free that week too, what a
    coincidence! YES, YES, YES! I’ll have what she’s having!

    Spatulas & Corkscrews

  261. Oh, yes please!

  262. mmmmm sounds dreamy

  263. Oh yeah! Hope I win!

  264. ‘d love to imporve my bloggin skills in Mexico.

  265. Yes please!

  266. thanks, this sounds great!

  267. Here’s hoping!

  268. Count me in!

  269. I’m a food blogger from IA with a focus on local foods and sustainability, and would love to see what comes out of me from Mexico, especially in such a vibrant community as Ixtapa! The education and enthusiasm from these participants would be just what the doctor ordered for my blog, and my life. Last year’s coverage made me crazy with jealousy. Please please :)

    Also, I’m off for all of January already. :)

  270. I’m crossing my fingers – it would be amazing to get to go to this conference! :)

  271. Fun in the sun!!

  272. I want to come. Sounds like so much fun.

  273. I want to go!

  274. Ooooh! This is so exciting!

  275. I am keeping my fingers crossed you will pick me!

  276. Sounds great and I have lots to learn!

  277. What an incredible opportunity! I would be THRILLED to be able to attend this event & soak up all of that fabulous food knowledge! Thanks SO MUCH for the opportunity!

  278. Wow! food, sun, sand, tasty drinks, people who love food…heaven!

  279. Please. Please. Please. Pick me.

  280. Pick me, me, me…please?!!!

  281. I am in desperate need of a food blogger event!

  282. if i ever get picked, i would be a seriously truly happy food blogger :)

  283. Count me in!! Love to go!!

  284. frying bacon simultaneoulsy, the smoky scent carries me back to childhood summers on the boardwalk of ocean city. please visit planting cabbages, where i blog about writing the novel, city of ladies. a woman bread apprentice’s journey home in 16th century france. thanks for this ixtapa opportunity!

  285. Thanks for the opportunity. I hope I win!

  286. What a great group of people to learn from!

  287. What does the richest person in the world make for dinner every night? Reservations.

  288. This is so cool! Thanks for the chance!

  289. PLZ Sign me up for the Club Med- I can make use of the material and the amazing panel of experts!!

  290. amazing giveaway! i want to win! 😀

  291. Sweet! I would love to go to meet the the people behind the blogs! Oh, and the FOOD!

  292. not to be selfish… but surely this trip is meant for me 😉

  293. i would love to go!! the suspense, its killing me!!

  294. I would love to go to Mexico and eat good food, learn something new, and a free trip on top of that would be heaven on Earth.

  295. I’ll write for food too!!

  296. I hope I will get picked and win this trip!

  297. Free is good.

  298. hope I win…

  299. Hola to deep blue waters, margaritas on the beach and food fantasies fulfilled. Sounds like a perfect place to be in January.

  300. Please pick me.

  301. Looks like lots of fun.

  302. Sounds fantastic!

  303. Tacos, sangria, waves, foodies. Heaven! Hope to see you in Mexico!

  304. *crosses fingers* Would love to go.

  305. Glad Dianne will be there to share some reality tips on food writing!

  306. I am so excited I can almost taste the avocado, cilantro and other yummy bits!!!

  307. This is so awesome! Pick me!

  308. All the way from South Africa and a food LOVER! I just dream, dream….. o come on give us South Africans also a chance to experience your world

  309. Is it only open to US residents? Oh, I wish it is not, I would so much like to go… Thank you anyway for the opportunity, this food blogger camp is a GREAT idea. I love the program, everything seems very interesting (and I would really need the advises!)…

  310. This food blogger camp certainly sounds like fun!

  311. This is a wonderful give away, I would love to win.

  312. ooh! pick me!

  313. I would love a chance to win!

  314. This sounds so wonderful!

  315. WOW-what an amazing opportunity-I hope I’m picked!!

  316. At present, I’m more of a talker than a blogger, and would love some assistance in transitioning to writing. Mexico in January…I feel inspired already!

  317. Would love to start a food blog and what better opportunity this will be to learn from the best of them?

  318. I’d love to come with you!

  319. Oooh, I hope you pick me. I know I’d love to go to learn more about food blogging, and to go have fun with all the pros.

  320. This sounds great!

  321. What a wonderful opportunity!

  322. My wee little anemic food blog needs a transfusion from People Who Know How.

  323. Would love to go.

  324. A great giveaway…

  325. What a great opportunity! Can’t hurt to try and win!

  326. Pick me!! I love eating and and taking photos of food!!

  327. It’s my birthday today–hope I win!

  328. I can be packed and ready to go in five minutes! A fab opportunity – and a fun trip!!

  329. I would love to join you all!!! Thanks!

  330. Sounds fun. I’d love to go!

  331. This sounds like a great trip and I’d love to go!

  332. Can’t wait to meet you in Ixtapa!

  333. Let me in!!! Great prize, TFS….Ame F

  334. I would love to be selected!! Looks like a fabulous time. I have admired Jaden Hair, Elise Bauer, and David Lebovitz for a long time now. Such inspiration!

  335. I would love to win! Keeping my fingers crossed that I get picked!

  336. What a great opportunity! Can’t wait to be a part of it! Sign me up:-)

  337. We were just thinking of a vacation in January and this woud be the perfect itinerary!

  338. takka takka takka takka :-) so excited!

  339. Keeping my fingers crossed…

  340. I wanna come……………….For food

  341. Pick me!

  342. Would love to make it out there with you!

  343. I’m ready to go!

  344. I have just moved north of the snow line. Help me escape this winter!

  345. Awesome…hope I get lucky!

  346. What a cool trip! Please enter my name.

  347. thanks for letting me play–i wanna go!!

  348. Now *that* sounds like fun! Apparently a lot of other people think so too. :-) Thanks for the opportunity!

  349. i’d love to go!

  350. A great vacation with some great people.

  351. What a fabulous vacation this would be!

  352. My student budget would love to win this. What a great way to spend my last week of winter break. Please enter me!

  353. Glad to see I can still get in an entry this evening. Thank you.

  354. Amazing trip! I would love to go!

  355. This sounds like a great trip!

  356. Hey Diane,

    Thanks for telling us about this. Hope to see you in Ixtapa. Will for sure see you at BlogHer Food.



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