Food Blog Alliance to the Rescue

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Ever have the feeling you’re supposed to be an expert on food blogging before you’ve even begun? Elise Bauer of Simply Recipes can help. A mega-successful blogger, she started the Food Blog Alliance as a professional association for food bloggers.

“Many of us are trying to improve our blogs, to better serve our readers, to make the experience of blogging more fruitful and enjoyable, and to build our readership,” she writes.  “My view is that the more we can share what we are each learning with each other, the better all of our blogs will become.”

You’ll find tips to improve your food writing, including a post from Amy Sherman of Cooking with Amy about adjectives, plus expert technical advice in friendly language about such things as Search Engine Optimization and tools and maintenance. I know I’m going to be all over this site in the coming few weeks.

I admire the sense of community and giving spirit on the site. It’s what I love about the food blogging world. Many food bloggers have been generous to me.  I have to say, it’s a little different from print. Maybe it’s because the print world is shrinking, whereas this one is expanding?


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    Food Blog Alliance is a wonderful resource. I’m glad to see you mention them.

    Loved your book and am thrilled to see you’ve joined the blogging community.

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    Food Blog Alliance is a great resource. And Elise is just amazing. She is so accessible, generous and helpful. And you’re definitely right about how giving the food bloggers are. I think that is probably why it is expanding 😉 maybe it is a bit like gardening, you harvest what you sow?

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    I agree that the Food Blog Alliance is both a great resource and a generous community. I find myself recommending posts to folks who blog about things that have nothing to do with food — there are insights and handy tips on point for others in the blogosphere as well.

    Another cool resource — to newbies or people trying to find their niche in blogland — is Jane Boursaw’s e-course Blogging for Passion & Profit:

    I’ve learned loads & for a Luddite like myself it’s totally taken (most of) the anxiety out of all the techie stuff. Don’t just take my word for it: She comes highly recommended by members of Freelance Success: